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You're invited to our new Bible study, IS THIS THE END?, by Dr. David Jeremiah.  Class begins Wednesday, June 22. For additional information, call the office at (863) 635-3603. The class is meeting in the Smith Building.

We have almost become immune to the reality of today's headlines: from terrorism to natural disasters to political upheavals to refugees to disease to nuclear threats to failing economies and the list goes on. In this series we will look at ten major developments in America and the world that almost defy imagination. We will study the following:

  1.   The Age of Anything Goes
  2. The Bleeding of Our Borders
  3. The Increase of Intolerance
  4. The Apathy of America
  5. The Remedy of Revival
  6. The Isolation of Israel
  7. The Insurgency of ISIS
  8. The Resurrection of Russia
  9. The Rapture of the Redeemed
  10. Translated Before the Tribulation                                                                                                                                                                          

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